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Testimonials: Testimonials
Joe transformation.JPG

Joe started training with me with the goals of gaining fitness, losing weight and to feel better about himself. One year on, Joe had lost a whopping 18% body fat, lost 15kg and melted 21cm off his waist! Joe is now much fitter, stronger and feels so much better. He also has alot more knowledge and makes the right choices when it comes to his diet.

He hasn’t been on a diet, it’s been a lifestyle change. When Joe first attended, he couldn’t manage a press up, he can now hit 50 press ups no problem.

“ Thanks to Revolution’s personalised instruction and progress monitoring I’ve rapidly improved my attitude to exercise
and nutrition, and I feel happier, more confident and stronger as a result. Every small improvement has felt like an instant motivation to push for more and over a short time these little gains have added up to what feels like a transformation.”

Joe Clarkson-Hall

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