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Joe started training with me with the goals of gaining fitness, losing weight and to feel better about himself. One year on, Joe had lost a whopping 18% body fat, lost 15kg and melted 21cm off his waist! Joe is now much fitter, stronger and feels so much better. He also has alot more knowledge and makes the right choices when it comes to his diet.

He hasn’t been on a diet, it’s been a lifestyle change. When Joe first attended, he couldn’t manage a press up, he can now hit 50 press ups no problem.

“ Thanks to Revolution’s personalised instruction and progress monitoring I’ve rapidly improved my attitude to exercise
and nutrition, and I feel happier, more confident and stronger as a result. Every small improvement has felt like an instant motivation to push for more and over a short time these little gains have added up to what feels like a transformation.”

Joe Clarkson-Hall

Kirk started training with Revolution and has shown fantastic results, improving his fitness dramatically. He now looks great and feels fantastic. One year on, Kirk had lost 15 cm on his waist, lost 6% body fat and has 10kg while also adding muscle mass. When Kirk first attended, Kirk was squatting 20kg. One year on he was squatting an impressive 70kg and his range of movement is very much improved due to his flexibility.
“ I feel fitter, stronger leaner and happier. I feel more confident and really enjoy the training sessions that I do.
I have suffered with asthma my whole life and now it barely bothers me, my quality of life is much improved.”

Kirk Jemmison

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Rohail got in touch with me as he wanted to change his lifestyle habits and he saw amazing results.
Rohail was able to completely turn his diet and exercise around through hard work and determination which led to him seeing amazing results.
Within 4 months, Rohail lost 15kg in weight, saw his fitness and strength levels improve significantly and his general energy levels increase hugely.
 ”When I began training with David it was an exciting time for me but I always felt my fitness journey was going to be a difficult and long process but with David’s guidance I was able to make quick progress within a few months I had dropped more than 15kg and gained confidence as well. David has given me the tools that I can apply in the gym and live a healthy life.”

Rohail Lakhani


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