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You’ve had a great time enjoying all of your favourite foods over the festive period. Picture the scene, you step on the scales and your weight has increased by 4kg. Alarm bells are ringing. But is it as disastrous as you think?

If I drink 2L of water, I will instantly gain 2kg in weight. You also have to take into effect body stores such as glycogen, intestinal weight and if you are taking creatine, you will store more water.

It’s possible that your stores may have been depleted before, especially if you were being good with the festive season approaching, and that these stores may have filled up, in turn increasing your weight.

For the ladies, the time of month is also a huge factor, so it’s important that you get weighed at the same time of month for accurate results, as this will vary a lot throughout the month.

Stress can also make you retain water, so if you are feeling stressed, try to calm down, as this will help lose any possible water retention.

The number on the scales isn’t always the most important factor- ensure that you take other readings into consideration such as measurements and body fat callipers to give you a clearer picture of your progress.

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