• David Revell

Weighing Food- How important is it?

If you’re wanting to lose weight, tracking your calories is essential to achieving results. Apps like My Fitness Pal are very helpful when tracking and managing calorie intake, as most of us are unaware that a lot of what we eat contains hidden calories. However, do your portion sizes really match up to the amounts you’re adding to your food diary in the app? This could be where you are going wrong.

It can be very surprising how such a small plate of food next to what you normally would eat, can amount to such a large number of calories. One way of ensuring your calories are absolutely correct is by weighing food out. As much as this is time consuming and not ideal, this is likely to lead to much greater results than what you are currently seeing.

It may be worth spending an extra 3/4 minutes of your day to weighing out food, rather than delay the results you see by an extra 3 months. It seriously could be that much of a difference in the calorie amounts you are eating. At least give weighing food out a chance, as you will be able to see the difference between your old and new required portion sizes.


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