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Training After Vacation

You only live once- Enjoy yourself! However, prepare to get your head back in the game once you return

It’s that time of year in Dubai - Time to escape the sandpit and enjoy some cooler weather whilst filling your face with treats and drinks, yes?! Absolutely!

That’s what I just did whilst in Greece last week, whilst catching up with old friends 😄 I work hard all year round, so I deserve time off from my diet plan. I enjoy myself and don’t worry about the consequences.

However, I still attend the gym daily.

1. Because I enjoy training

2. Because it gives me a boost for the day

3. I know it will help me burn a certain amount of calories that I know I’m about to consume

4. Going 2/3 weeks without training, you can really feel a difference both in terms of strength and fitness, so it’s good to maintain your levels.

Then as soon as I return home, I get straight back onto the diet. It may take me a couple of weeks to get back to where I want to be,(Only a couple of weeks because I have the mindset and focus to ensure I stay in a set calorie deficit from day to day). But it will have been worth it because it’s like pressing a refresh button. Both physically and mentally, I feel recharged and will have had a great time. Life is for living, you can’t go all your life living off of chicken and broccoli - you need to enjoy yourself!

Enjoy yourself on holiday - You only live once! However, make sure that when you return, you are straight back in the game, setting yourself on the road to getting those results you desperately want.

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