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The Importance of Progressing as a Trainer/Nutritionist

I believe you can’t stand still in life, it’s too short to do that. You have to keep moving forwards, you have to be ambitious, and most importantly you have to keep improving yourself.

I took the step to become a student @macnutrition Uni because I wanted to give my clients the best possible service. I want them to receive top results and in learning as much in depth knowledge as I possibly can, I am giving my clients the best chance to see the changes they crave.

Martin MacDonald, pictured here with me in Dubai, is the industry leader when it comes to evidence based Nutrition. If you are going to have a mentor, why not learn from the best in the business?

The health and fitness industry is my passion in life and by broadening my mind in the nutrition sector with evidence based knowledge, (rather than giving people advice that they heard off some charlatan on google that has no substance to it), I believe it gives not just myself a real advantage in the industry, but also my clients, who may end up leaving knowing more than some personal trainers.

I believe I have chosen the best course out there to improve my nutrition knowledge, and am really enjoying the course so far. I like to think that I work with integrity and honesty, and that’s what the courses morales are based on. I don’t need to do this course to be a Personal Trainer, I choose to this course to be a better Personal Trainer.

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