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Squatting Bicep Curl

Put this effective exercise into your training to grow the short head of the bicep

Try this variant of Bicep curl and add it into your programme to grow those guns! 💪🏽

This variation gives you control in order to isolate the muscle and you are fully extending your arms to engage a full contraction.

It is good to include both a seated incline type bicep curl as this works the long head of the bicep curl, while the preacher curl/squatting type variant works the short head, so the inner part of the Bicep.

1. Set up the cable to it’s lowest setting, attaching a straight bar attachment to the cable.

2. Take a couple of steps backward with the bar in hand, taking a squatting position, sitting back, heels firmly on the floor to retain balance.

3.Position the elbows on top of the knees, fully extended.

4. Curl the bar to your forehead, slowly returning the bar back to start position under control, repeat movement.

Try 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps and feel the pump!

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