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Single Arm Landmine Press

A further benefit of using the landmine rather than using dumbbells or a barbell is that it takes a lot of stress off of the shoulder joint due to the angle of the movement.

Aim for sets of 3-4 or 6-12 depending on your goals.

1. Place a barbell in a landmine attachment. If you lack access to a landmine attachment, place the barbell in the corner of a squat rack and secure it with a heavy dumbbell to prevent it from sliding around.

2. Get into a half-kneeling stance in front of the barbell, engaging your core.

3. Hold the barbell at shoulder height in the hand nearest your back leg.

4. Press the bar up at about 45 degrees, slightly leaning in at the top of the movement to ensure you work the whole shoulder rather than just the front part of the muscle.

5. Under control, lower the barbell back down to the start position.

Give this exercise a try to gain strength and muscle without doing damage to the shoulder joint. Enjoy!

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