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Pyramid Sets on the Bicep Curl Machine

Pyramid sets are an effective way to achieve muscle size and strength. If you are wanting guns of steal, include this in your programme and feel the “deep burn!”.

First, test your standard weight for 12 reps max. Once you know what this is, you can factor in where about you need to be starting weight wise.

For example, I would do:-

12 Reps- 25kg

10 Reps-30kg

8 Reps-35kg

6 Reps-40kg

5 Reps-45kg

Finish off with cheeky burner on a light weight to finish off, seven reps top half only, seven reps bottom half only and then 7 reps full range, continuously without putting the weight down.

Add this into your programme and grow those guns! 💪🏽

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