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Protein- How Important Is It?

I explain to my clients on a daily basis the importance of protein in their diet. Whether their goal is for fat loss or muscle gain, it’s essential for a variety of reasons.

Satiety is essential when on a low calorie diet, Protein is the macronutrient that satiates the body the most. It will leave you feeling fuller for longer. Protein will also increase thermogenesis and will even mean you burn more calories in your sleep.

Studies also tell us that by keeping Protein levels high, due to lower levels of fat and carbs, it leads to greater weight loss, fat loss and muscle retention.

Protein is the key to muscle gain as well as retention, without it, you simply won’t see there results you crave to see and all that hard work in the gym will go to waste. You can be in a calorie deficit, keep protein levels high, and still see major results in building muscle. I’ve experienced this myself!

Don’t doubt how important protein is when wanting to see results. It’s not a myth, it is science!

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