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Organic Food - Is It Really Better For Us?

Organic foods have a reputation of being better for you than non-organic foods. But how true is this?

Studies that examined clinical outcomes of Eczema, wheeze, atopic sensitisation or symptomatic Campylobacter infection found no significant difference between those that had organic or non-organic foods. They also confirmed that there was no significant difference in biomarkers or nutrient levels within the body between organic and non-organic foods.

However, Organic foods were found to have 30% lower pesticide residues than conventional foods. Saying that, both of the foods were inside of the allowable safety limits.

Studies also told us that organic chicken and pork were also about a third less likely to contain antibiotic-resistant bacteria than conventionally raised chicken and pork. However, the bacteria that causes food poisoning were equally present in both types of food.

All in all, the research does tell us that organic food in certain areas is proven to be slightly better for you. However, it does seem that overall there are no significant differences in buying organic and non-organic food. So the next time you are undecided whether to get the organic or non organic option, save your money. Unless it’s for your kids or for other health specific reasons, it’s probably not worth it. Myth-busting complete!

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