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Being in a calorie deficit doesn’t mean you have to give up enjoying life, it just means you have to be extra sensible all week before you go and out let your hair down.

I do this on a weekly basis. I ensure I’m in a calorie deficit most days by working hard in the gym and being sensible with the calories I eat, then on a weekend I go out and enjoy myself without feeling guilty.

It doesn’t mean go out and have 14 cheat meals on the weekend, because that would be plain greedy… and stupid. It just means that I can head out, have fun with friends, not worry about how many drinks I have, enjoy a meal out and sometimes even a dessert.

The next day I get back on the diet, and it’s surprising how easy it is to hit a massive calorie surplus without even really trying. Well, it certainly is for me! Everything has to be in moderation.

One way of making room for a guilt free day with friends is rather than setting a daily calorie target, I set a weekly target. This means thinking about how many calories I’ll need for my day off, (always best to overestimate), work out what deficit would be needed to fit this into my weekly calories, then take the surplus number and divide the surplus across the whole week.

Dieting doesn’t have to be so rigid, you can even have different calorie targets for each day of the week. As long as you’re accurate with calories, sensible and hit your weekly deficit, you’ll still be able to enjoy yourself whilst seeing great results!

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