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Healthy Fats-The Top 10

Fat is something that is absolutely hated in the world across the board… However, should it be?

Fat is essential for our body to survive. Obviously large amounts are not necessary, but it is still an essential fuel for our body to survive. It is important for functions such as protecting the body from disease or virus, maintaining a healthy immune system, signalling messages around the body and it has important structural components. It has many more health benefits related to blood lipid profiles and sex steroid hormones such as Testosterone and Oestrogen.

If you feel your fat intake may be on the low side, consider adding these healthy options into your diet:

• Avocado

• Salmon

• Full Fat Milk

• Walnuts

• Grounded Flaxseeds

• Eggs

• Extra virgin Olive Oil

• Full Fat Greek Yogurt

• Tofu

• Edamame

These are very nutrias options are have a good mix of protein and micronutrients important for optimal health.

Add them to your shopping list today!

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