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Heading Out to Eat this Weekend?

If you have plans to dine out this weekend and you’re trying to lose body fat, what’ll your plan of action be?

Firstly, check out the menu and look for sensible options and secondly remember that energy balance is what will determine whether you lose body fat, so if that means doing an extra couple of cardio sessions which would result in the same amount of calories of your meal out, then that could be your answer.

You could also look at your calories over a whole week rather than daily so that you maintain a set deficit over the whole week. So, if that means reducing your calories further than you normally would during the rest of the week, (for example, if your meal out is 1200 calories over your target, you could reduce calories further by 200 calories for the other 6 days) to ensure you maintain the deficit needed to see results.

Your lifestyle of diet and exercise has to be sustainable- It isn’t about a short term fix. Don’t cut out the foods that you love, just be sensible. Life doesn’t have to be miserable when you are dieting. Make life as easy as possible.

Work hard, work out the maths and be realistic. Once you’ve got to where you need to be, you can maintain your energy balance more so that your diet doesn’t have to be as restrictive.

Enjoy those treats, just ensure you accommodate for the extra calories.

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