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I have recently had an amazing client start training with me who has been a personal trainers dream to work with! The client, who would like to stay anonymous, has seen a transformation in as little as 6 weeks!

She has lost 6kg in just 6 weeks dropping from 60kg to 54kg! She has also lost a huge 11cm from both her hip and waist measurements, 3cm from each arm, 6cm from each leg.

She has also seen huge changes in her body fat calliper readings, which have decreased a huge amount in just 6 weeks.

Her strength levels have increased greatly, more than doubling her starting weight in exercises such as squats, lunges and Romanian deadlifts. Impressive!

This is down to her commitment and determination to seeing results. She has made simple yet highly effective changes to her lifestyle in terms of exercise and diet with the meal plan I have provided for her, and she will continue to see amazing results as she is very consistent and is really enjoying the process- the 🔑 to success!

I took this video to show her the changes in her body composition. She is very proud of the results she is receiving, and rightly so!

Keep up the hard work, the sky is the limit! 🌟

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