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Meet Shakeela! Shakeela came to me just 2 months ago wanting to transform her lifestyle. She felt that due to her job that she has become sedentary and wanted to improve her lifestyle habits.

2 months into her journey, Shakeela feels like a completely different person. She has lost 6 kg so far, inches off of her waist and taken 7 cm from her hips.

Shakeela’s energy levels have improved dramatically, she is also much fitter and stronger than 2 months ago. She is now jogging, something she didn’t think was possible in September!

Shakeela also had a frozen shoulder which mean that she could hardly move her left shoulder. She can’t believe how much it has improved in such a short time and her shoulder is now getting back towards 100% mobility.

“I always wanted to lose weight but have never been able to reach my goals until I met David. He didn't only make it easy for me to start my weight loss journey, he made exercising fun.

He is motivating and demonstrates safe and effective techniques and ensures that you enjoy every minute of your session.

For the first time in my life I feel I am getting the results I always wished for.

I highly recommend David Revell he is the best!!!”

The progress Shakeela is making is incredible, she has completely changed her lifestyle and is feeling amazing for doing so.

Credit to Shakeela, she has listened to every crumb of advice I have given her and incorporated it all into her daily life. She is an inspiration as to what can be achieved in such a small amount of time.

Well done Shakeela, you are making progress on a weekly basis, continue to do so and you will continue to see incredible results!

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