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Adnan has produced amazing results since starting with Revolution and feels like a different person in terms of energy, fitness levels and his general well-being.

Meet Adnan

Adnan started training with me at the beginning of September with the goal of losing weight, increasing strength and fitness levels and to improve his general lifestyle.

Adnan has still been able to enjoy himself with his friends on a weekend as we accounted for this in his calories during the rest of the week. He has also been on holiday, but he has found a great balance between enjoying himself and ensuring he has put in the work on both the diet and exercise to ensure that he still sees great results.

Since starting in September, Adnan has seen fantastic results. So far on his journey, he has lost 5kg in weight, he has lost 14cm off of his waist, 10cm off of his hip and has seen amazing results with the skin fold callipers which suggests that he is losing a lot of body fat.

Adnan is getting stronger and stronger week by week, and he is also seeing great changes in his muscle definition. He feels fitter, stronger and his general day to day energy levels have significantly improved.

He has completely changed his lifestyle and is now doing some form of exercise every day, whether that is a weights session or just a walk daily. Most importantly, he is really enjoying the process.

Keep up the hard work Adnan and we’ll continue to see incredible results! 💪🏽

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