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Chiselling That Six Pack

Wanting the ripped look? Here's the secret...


You are determined to see that 6 pack, so you set out doing 5000 crunches per week and you still can’t see any sign of them poking through… The answer is not to do some boring ab work. The answer is in your diet.

They would have to be some pretty strong core muscles to work their way through layers of fat!

Work hard on your diet, work hard burning calories in the gym, you will see those abdominals making an appearance.

Of course, once you’ve lost the body fat required, it would be advantageous to add some core work into your routine to help define those muscles. You still wouldn’t need to do hours upon hours, between 15-30 mins per week would be sufficient.

Of course core work has a place in terms of balance, stability and posture, core work is necessary. But in terms of making them a priority when you have fat to lose first, you would be wasting your time if defining the abs is the goal.

Work hard in the gym, diet hard, you will see the six pack you are looking for.

Less crunches, also less calories!

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