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Cardio is like marmite- You either love it or hate it. However, how necessary is it in our training programmes?

I would suggest that everybody should be doing some form of cardio. It isn’t just about burning the calories to help with your calorie deficit to burn that unwanted body fat.

It is necessary to do cardio regularly for several major health benefits.

If you do cardio on a regular basis, you will strengthen your heart, improve lung capacity and reduce the risk of several diseases.

Other benefits include boosting energy levels, fantastic for mental health, helps the immune system and will help you sleep better.

With so many amazing benefits, why would you not stick cardio into your schedule?! If you can hit 3-5 times per week of at least 30 mins moderate to intense workouts, you will fully receive these benefits.

Plus, if you have the opportunity to burn extra calories, why wouldn’t you?!

Increase those fitness levels today and don’t just be lift heavy weights- Improve your overall health!

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